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Experienced appellate attorney fights for justice for New Mexico clients

When the outcome of a legal case is unjust due to the court’s legal error or failure to follow the applicable trial rules, the recourse is to seek an appeal of the court’s decision and findings. When you appeal a case, you need an experienced appellate lawyer who has broad knowledge of the legal standards of review, excellent legal research and writing skills, and strong oral argument competency. You will find the experience and skills you need at the Law Office of Jane B. Yohalem, in Santa Fe. I handle appeals  across the state of New Mexico, with over 100 published decisions. My focus in any case is to ensure that the trial was fair and the correct rule of law was applied. If errors are apparent, I will pursue an appeal vigorously to its conclusion. I enjoy working closely with your trial lawyer whenever possible, combining trial and appellate skills often helps achieve the best result for you.

Reputable lawyer provides exceptional appellate law representation

My reputable appellate law firm provides legal representation for:

  • Civil appeals — I offer effective appellate law representation in all areas of civil law, including civil rights, torts, medical malpractice, personal injury, consumer protections, contracts, real estate, banking, adoption, taxation, termination of parental rights cases and adoption cases.
  • Criminal appeals — An unjust criminal conviction has the potential to negatively impact every aspect of your life. I am skilled in reviewing criminal cases for trial court errors and ensuring that justice has been served.

If you believe you have received an unjust court ruling, I can review your case for potential grounds for appeal.

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If you would like your case evaluated by a skilled appellate lawyer, please call the Law Office of Jane B. Yohalem at 505-988-2826 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Santa Fe office.

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